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360º solutions for the

precious metals market.

We optimize your results by facilitating the consolidation of exports in a safe, practical, transparent and accessible way.


We provide monitoring of the acceleration of results on our own platform linked to the main business partners involved in your company's operations (blockchain system).

Tecnologic innovation

We operate in the auditing and certification of all business processes, ensuring that the operation is fully adapted to national and international legal standards.

Ethics and Transparency

We take care of the most minute details for you focus on what you do best!

For any business goal - short or long term - there is more than one path. 

Some are more complex, others seem simple…

Each path has its challenges: bureaucracy, management, planning, connections, logistics, values, technology… 

These are just some of the specific steps and demands necessary for growth.

They may distance themselves from your business's area of expertise, but you still have to make a choice. 

Path A, path B, path C…? 

Which one is more efficient? More economical? More ethical? More profitable?

What does it take to make success happen? 


There is a way for your business to truly grow. It remains to choose the right one.

Alpha Minerals: with you on the right path.

A 360º ecosystem of specialized services for the jewelry, gems and precious metals market.

Alpha Minerals

We carry out comprehensive audits, including sample collection and laboratory analyzes that guarantee the authenticity of the origin of gold, gems and precious metals, providing confidence to commercial partners and the traceability of the material.

Alpha LAB

Our service makes the freight forwarding process more efficient and viable so that our customers can focus on their core business, without worrying about the complexities of transporting precious metals.

Smart Logistics

We guide companies that want to export, we provide support throughout the international trade process and we facilitate access to global markets effectively, enabling better export conditions.

Foreign trade

Blockchain technology is the backbone of transactions within the Alpha Minerals ecosystem. The blockchain is essentially a transaction recording system, but with a special twist: only approved agents, previously approved and certified by Alpha, have access to it.

BlockChain Technology

Through partnerships in the national and international financial market, we take care of all foreign exchange aspects to guarantee the safe and up-to-date receipt of payments in foreign trade, eliminating bureaucracy for our clients and negotiating competitive rates.

Exchange & Finance




From Strategy

Starting with strategic planning, we provide specialized consultancy in all sectors necessary for expansion, from the base to the top of the process (“end to end”).

The execution

Our commitment goes beyond consultancy, encompassing the complete management of the execution of services essential to high performance, making the process agile and customized to the needs of each client.

Consulting & Training

Our consultancy and training are personalized for each business. We map business needs in advance in a free initial meeting and, following the hiring process, we indicate ways to accelerate results.

Our numbers

+10 years

years is the average market experience

from our team of experts


strategic partnerships signed at national and international level

+400 customers

served with increased revenue


is the average increase in profitability based on revenue.

Profitable operations

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