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Our ecosystem encompasses 6 main axes: consultancy and training; international trade management; audit and certification of origin;  technology; freight forwarding and exchange & finance.


Freight forwarding

We offer aspecialized and complete logistics solution to serve small and medium-sized companies in the precious metals market in Brazil. 

Our freight forwarding service provides security, traceability and insurance, both within the scope national and international, including customs clearance.

Consulting & Training

Alpha Minerals' consultancy was born from two pillars: (1) in-depth empirical experience of our consultants + (2) study and methodology.

This perception translates into comprehensive consulting services, optimizing everything from the sales process and flow of materials to internal management issues, including the tax aspect.

Management for Commerce


We take care of all the bureaucracy involved in the export operation and we provide expert guidance at every stage. Our goal is to make exports simpler and more financially viable, dealing with tax, customs and logistics issues, eliminating intermediaries and enabling direct access to international markets.

Technology | BlockChain System

Blockchain technology is Alpha's DNA. We work with the concept of “birthmark”, so that the material is traceable via the information system.


Blockchain provides mutual traceability for mining companies, connecting all partners audited by Alpha and recording each step, from extraction to export, in a transparent system that offers confidence and real-time visibility.

Audit and certification of origin | Alpha LAB

We carry out “In loco” audits aiming to certify internal procedures and evaluate the compliance with best practices in the national and international market, including ESG commitments, community relations and responsible environmental management. 

We offer certification of gold origin through Alpha LAB. Our laboratory evaluates and prices gold so that the material has cataloged and certified references.

Exchange & Finance

The Foreign Exchange and Finance service offered by Alpha Minerals aims to simplify the financial part of export operations. We take care of the exchange rate sphere and financial management, ensuring receive in dollars or foreign currency efficiently, without bureaucracy and converted into competitive rates.

Furthermore,We offer support in structuring financial processes, including working capital and machinery acquisition.

Our Process

What are Alpha’s hiring stages like:

What are Alpha’s hiring stages like:

The first stage Hiring involves an initial consultancy session, free of charge, in which we carry out a detailed diagnosis of the company's current situation. 


In this session, we identify the client's specific needs and present available mechanisms to optimize their financial results, ensuring a personalized approach from the beginning of the process.

Our second stage is an onboarding process, which involves a registration and compliance phase. 


During this stage, the company undergoes documentary validation and an “on-site” visit, ensuring the legal compliance of the business. This procedure is crucial to ensure that the company meets the necessary requirements for the partnership with Alpha.

Once onboarding is done, the company is qualified to join our ecosystem, either in its entirety or in one or more specific parts.


The approach is highly customized. Based on the initial diagnostic meeting, we determine the ideal format to assist the company, ensuring that the services provided are accurate and tailored.

1. Diagnosis

2. Onboarding

3. Qualification

2. Onboarding

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